Umurbey Chardonnay 2007

As I have been tasting and drinking only red wines for a long time, I decided I have been unfair to white wines and decided to drink a wine of Chardonnay. If you ask me why I chosed Umurbey’s Chardonnay, I don’t really remember. Somehow, I remembered the name from somewhere.
I bought the wine from Metro Grossmarket for a price around $ 20. I opened the bottle in an evening just before dinner time. It made a good couple together with gouda cheese, which became my dinner for that night eventually.

I actually expected a less distinct acidity from this wine; so, I was a little surprised when I first tasted it. I noticed lated that if the wine is cool enough, the acidity becomes less marked and the wine gets much better. As always, I was defeated by my impatience.

I think Umurbey Chardonnay is a lievly, refreshing wine with citrus fruits.

I thinkg I am going to dring white wine – especially those made of Chardonnay – more often from now on. We will see together if I will actually do it.