Terra de France – Pinot Noir 2008 – Again

This wine is actually the same wine as the wine here. However, my impressions of the two different bottles of the same wine are very different. When I first tasted Terra de France Pinot Noir 2008, I loved and admired it. The second taste, however, was a real dissappointment for me.
If I did not open the bottle myself, I would doubt whether it was a Pinot Noir or even a wine of Terra. I don’t remember when and where I bought the wine, so, I’m not sure whether it is the environmental conditions in which the wine was maintained, or it is my mood, that caused the bad impression. 
It was probably the latter. When I first drank this wine, we were at dinner our with my husband and with a friend. The wine was very nice and I guess the ambiance contributed to it. When I drank it for the second time, I had a very busy and tiring day behind and I did not really feel like drinking wine.
I took my lessons. First, pay attention where you buy the wine and how you keep it! Second, don’t waste beautiful wines when you are too busy or exhausted! Third, considering that the wine is an alive thing, don’t be rude and better don’t touch it if you are too tired to pay attention to it! 
So, these are what I’ve learned today. I wanted to share it with you. If you are interested in tasting notes about Terra Pinot Noir, you can find it here.

Kayra Terra Shiraz 2007

Terra Shiraz 2007

I continue with wines made of Shiraz. I think Terra Shiraz 2007 is the one I liked most among the wines of Shiraz that I have ever tasted. I’m not sure if it was due to the nice atmosphere or the nice conversation we were having, but I’m sure the wine itself has contributed to this. It is a wine of Kayra’s brand Terra produced in Elazig.

I think I am close to understanding what is meant with saying that a wine is “round”. Terra Shiraz 2007 was a round and bodied wine, based on my notes. It has fume-oak and fruit aromas on the nose. I looked around the web and noticed that nobody ever mentioned about fume or oak in this wine. I would appreciate if someone could provide their own comments about the aroma of this wine and let me know if they smelled fume or oak 🙂 I would but this wine again without even thinking about it.