Tannin in Wine

When I first started to read about wine, I used to see the word tannin and wondered what it is. I don’t remember how I learned what it was, but I’d like to write one a post from which other people can learn what tannin is.

If you eat grapes like me, meaning that you first separate the skin of the grape from the rest of the fruit and keep it in your mounth until you swallow the sweet and juicy part first, you actually know what tannin is! I don’t expect that there are many people enjoying grapes like a chilf (like me) ­čÖé so I will explain further. There is a bitterness on the skin of the grape. The same bitternes can also bee sensed when one drinks Turkish tea, especially when it is a dark red tea, as the Turkish people like it. Tannin is the element in the skin of the grape that provides that nice bitterness.

When you taste wine, even after you swallow it, you may sense that beautiful bitterness. If you do, please let me know so I could buy the same wine as well ­čÖé I love tannins in wine! Maybe I should only say that I love tannins these days, because I think what I love in wine can change with time and depending on my mood.