La Croix Irresistible 2008

La Croix Irresistible 2008

My dear readers, I am writing this post in Marseille, France. While you are reading this post, I might even moved to another city of Provence.

Life is beautiful around here. Dinners last at least 2-3 hours, and people drink wines in lunch, dinner, or whenever they want to. I got used to it very quickly. I can’t always have 2-3 hours lasting dinners though, but I ordered so many wines without even chosing them by name or region. We just ordered “vin de pays” (the category just above the lowest one) in carafe pr ordered wine in glass and they were nice.

I have a notebook with me to make tasting notes, but I could not make any notes yet, because I don’t even see the bottle of the wines we order, so basically I don’t know what I’m drinking. We only ordered the wine that you see in the above picture willingly and knowingly.

We chosed this wine when we had a dinner in Marseille, very close to the harbour. The wine menu was divided in regiouns of France, and we chosed a wine among the ones under “Provence”. This was a very nice, fruity, a little tannic but round wine. I learned later that it was made of 80% Syrah and 20% Grenache. I think it is not as strong as Bordeaux wines. I believe I can tell you more about Provence wines after I taste a few more of them in the following days.

Turasan Seneler Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Syrah (again)

Turasan Seneler Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Syrah 2008

I told you about this wine before. It is definately a wine that is worth to try. I didn’t like it this time as much as I did previously though. May be this is because my expectation was too high.

This is a lively wine with very intense red fruity and spicy aromas, full body, and marked tannin. I think it needs to be aired for a very long time. I was not so patient and this is probably a reason for why I didn’t like it this time as much as I did in my first try.

Corvus Blend No3 2006

Corvus Blend No3 2006

We had a dreamlike vacation in Bozcaada in the summer of 2010. I mentioned this vacation in one of the first posts of this blog as one of my steps going into the wine world. At the end of the vacation, we brough a few bottles of Corvus wines to home. The last one of those wine bottles was Corvus Blend No3 2006.
We bought this wine from Corvus’s wine store, where they also have their production facilities, if I’m not wrong. I remember it was around $ 45. I knew nothing about wines and wine prices then, so, I thought that it was so expensive that we should expect a miracle from within the bottle ­čÖé
The person helping us to choose said that the best time to drink this wine would be 2011. We obeyed her and waited until 2011. Since we still don’t have a wine fridge, we kept the bottle in a dark and relatively cool corner in our living room.
Corvus Blend No3 2006 is made of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Malbec, Karalahna, Okuzgozu, and Cabernet Franc which all grown in Corvus vineyards in Bozcaada. It has rested in French oak barrels for 24 months, in bottes (I don’t know what botte is. I would appreciate if someone could comment to this post and explain what it is.) for 2 months and in the bottle for 6 months. The bottle is very elegant and there is a legend written on the lable.┬á
Corvus Blend No3 2006
Corvus produces a Blend from the best grapes of the year and gives a number to each Blend. I have to admit that at the time I bought this wine, when I didn’t know anything about wine or about Corvus, I read the list of the grapes on the lable and I thought “this grapes can’t be good, if they were good, they would produce seperate wines from each of them” ­čÖé I still bought the wine since I was curious. Well, it turns out I was wrong.
It is a strong wine with dark burgundy color, raspberry and cherry aromas on the nose, medium body, strong tannins and vivid acidity. I tasted it after it rested about half an hour in a big glass but it was not enough. Then I left home and left the wine in the glass. When I came back 9 hours later, I smelled and tasted it again. I smelled a strong, earthy aroma and the wine’s taste and tannins were almost as strong as they were 9 hours ago. I liked the wine, but I think it still carries characteristics of a ypung wine. I could like it more when it rested maybe for a few months longer ┬áin the bottle.
p.s. The bottle in the photos is in a wine box which includes wine accesorries. The box will be the subject of another post soon…

Sevilen Syrah 2009

A few days ago, I felt like shoping for the kitchen when I┬áwas on my way home. So, I went to Migros (a supermarket chain). After I put a few onions and kiwis to the basket, I thought that it was enough for healthy food and I grabbed the beauity in the picture ­čÖé

I tasted Sevilen’s wines in Kanyon Wine Tasting Days in November for the first time. I loved them all. The wines that I tasted there were surely more special wines made of high quality grapes, compared to the one in the above picture.

Sevilen Syrah 2009 has a dark burgundy color, medium-full body and a solid, round taste. As I drank it for three consecutive days at dinner with no complaints, I don’t want to be unfair, but I would expect more fruity smells and a more complex beauty from this wine.

In fact, this was my mistake. It is better not to expect too much from the wines that can be bought from supermarkets around $10. There can be suprisingly nice wines sometimes, but as I just mentioned, those are just surprises.

Diren Collection Syrah 2007

Diren Collection Syrah 2007

Last monday, I decided that I was going to open a wine to accompany the steaks that I prepared one day earlier. This was my plan for Valentine’s Day; having steak for dinner at home with my husband and tasting a new wine.┬á
While I was preparing the meal, my husband already had opened the bottle of Diren Collection Syrah. I tasted it immediately of course and I liked it very much. This was my second favourite wine of the same collection following Diren Collection Merlot.
Diren Collection Syrah 2007
It is made of  Syrah (85 %), Cabernet Sauvignon (7,5%) and Kalecik Karası (7,5%). I smelled strong aromas of spices and red fruits, but my husband, on the other hand, said that he smelled flwary aromas. It has a very strong and permanent taste on the palate. Despite its strong taste, I believe it is easy to drink even for people who are not familiar with wine drinking, probably due to its balance. In fact, I can argue the same for Merlot of the same collection. Both wines entered my list of the wines to be bought for the second time without hesitation.

I wonder how I will be buying those wines in the future. I bought these from to which I was directed by the website of the producer. Considering that I will not be able to shop online for wine as soon as new regulation comes into effect, shall I step by stores and ask them if they have any wines of Diren? Now I understand how much I like online shopping. It is so comfortable! Shall I rather say it was confortable?