Akberg Şirince Shiraz 2005

Akberg Şirince Shiraz 2005

Akberg Sirince Shiraz 2005 is another wine that we bought when we travelled through Sirince. This wine was a surprising experience for me. First, the color was a fresh, dark red. Altough I know that Shiraz usually produces lively & dark red wines, considering that this is a wine of 2005, I expected a little paler color from this wine. Apparently, this wine was not that old.

When I smelled and tasted the wine, I became doubtfull about the grape, whether it was really Shiraz. As far as I know, Shiraz usually produces rather round wines with rich and complex fruity aromas. This wine rather presents an incomplex, cherry like flavor and quite bitter taste that feels like tasting an anripe fruit. This was not a bitterness to make a face, but is rather a bitterness like the tannin caused bitterness of Bogazkere.

When I tasted the wine after two hours of aeration in a big glass, the wine was softer, less bitter, and less sharp in smell and taste. Still, the bitterness was standing in the forefront according to me. Each time I tasted the wine, I felt like tasting an anjelique plum that is not ripe enough. Additionally, I noted that  the wine had  thin-medium body, moderate acidity, marked tannin and a rather short ending.

I used a wine stopper with vacuum to close the bottle. After 2-3 days, the wine was still there without losing anything. I wonder if this can be a sign showing that the wine has a potential to age for more years.

Would I try this wine again? Well, I prefer to discover other wines instead of rediscovering this one, but if you would like to try a local wine in Sirince, Artemis would be certainly a good choice.

Akberg Gamay (2004)

Akberg Gamay (2004)

I had tasted Akberg wines when I visited Artemis Winery in Sirince. I also had tasted their Gamay and I liked it, but I didn’t like this wine. It tastes too sweet for me. I didn’t feel anything but sweetness. and I couldn’t finish my glas.

Please don’t think that something was wrong with the wine. I believe it is only me. It was just not one of my favourites.

Sirince Wines

Sirince is a village that is hidden behind a valley near to Selcuk (Turkey). In earlier dates, Greek people lived there, but afterwards, Turks that had lived in Thessalonika (Greece) moved to this town (exchange of populations btw Greece & Turkey).

I don’t knowmuch about architecture but I believe Greeks (at least the ones who lived in today’s Turkish lands) knew a lot about architecture. The villages they left behind seem very cute. This one is a cute Aegean village that contains tens of winehouses and that is heavily dependant on tourism although it is quite far from the sea.

Sirince’s wines, especially fruit wines are very famous. I didn’t pay much attention to winehouses first, since I thought they were selling only fruit wines, in which I’m not interested. After a short walk, we saw a winehouse, which also had its production facilities behind. I realized later that this was the only wine production plant in Sirince, Artemis Sirince Winery.

Alper & Efe

We started to taste grape wines first, upon my request. We tasted varietals of Carbernet Sauvignon, Gamay, Bogazkere, Shiraz, and Kalecik Karasi. We chose Gamay and Shiraz (their reserve wine) and put them aside.

Afterwards, Efe (on the right side) had given as a tour in the factory. This is a winery that is run by a Turkish – German partnership. We saw where the grapes were sequeezed, filtered and rested in steel tanks. Efe described each stage of production in detail but I won’t tell you those details as I can’t remember all of them.

After our little tour ended, we started to taste fruit wines. We tasted peach, melon, strawberry, black mulberry, blueberry and blackburry. Our favourites were peach and melon. In the last minute, I also saw that they had varietals of Horozkarasi and Papazkarasi (local grapes). At the end, we had 6 bottles in our hands.

After we received a few tips and advice about the town from Alper and Efe, we continued to walk around. We left our wines there as we didn’t want to carry them around. They offered to send them via courier and said we can also order wines even from Istanbul (min 6 bottles). We didn’t accept their offer since we wanted to give some of the wines as present in the next days of our travel. If you’d like to order wines or visit them in Sirince, you may see the necessary information here.

The wines that we bought are still in their bottles, but I’ll let you know when I taste them and share my impression about them with you.