Idol Smyrna Shiraz @ Nardis

Idol Smyrna Shiraz 2009

We were at Nardis again last Saturday to celebrate a friends birthday. Sibel Köse was performing that night. We saw our old firends and drank nice wine, so, it was a nice evening.

I think Nardis is a very nice Jazz club. A nice atmosphere, nice waiters, nice bar, nice drinks, acceptable prices and nice music. I have to admit that I like to hear Jazz music but it is not my favourite. I could have liked it much better if I did not have to be silent whenever someone is performing at Nardis. They have a very serious policy asking you to be silent during the performance, but I can’t help thinking that Jazz is a music that I should hear behind other voices while I’m having my dinner or so.

Anyway, I still like it there. I would have liked it more if they served their wines a little cooler. They serve red wines around room temparature, that makes it around 20ºC.

We ordered a cheese plate and Idol Smyrna Shiraz 2009. We asked them to put the wine in an ice bowl for a while. It got better then. It is a full bodied wine with very strong fruity aromas. I read from the bottle that it had choclate aromas. My husband said that it is certainly true, but I was just thinking that it has some sweet aromas, that’s it. So, I guess what I call sweet aroma is choclate aroma.

I would prefer not to mention the price because it is more than three times of what I would pay when I bought it from a wine store. It is sold around 25 TL at I wonder if it is also like this in other places in the world. Do people always pay more than twice of the normal price whenever they order a wine at a night club or at a restaurant?

Kayra Vintage Shiraz with a touch of Petit Verdot

Kayra Vintage Shiraz with a touch of Petit Verdot 2008
I mentioned this wine before somewhere and some of you wanted to see its picture. Here it is! I find the sticker on the bottle very classy. The wine itself is also very nice of course. Vintage is a special collection of Kayra. They describe it as a collection serial and say that these wines are made of the best blend of the year. I do not think that it would be fair to consider this one as a blend though. There is only very little Petit Verdot in it as far as I understand.

I did not want to drink this promising wine in an ordinary evening. Therefore, I opened the bottle when my brother came to us for dinner. After having one sip from the wine, he decided that he wanted to drink bear instead! Being young means to get bored in two seconds 🙂 I did not care of course. I would have find another excuse to drink the wine anyway. 
I noticed the wine needs dekantation as soon as I tasted it. How did I noticed? There was sharp fruity aromas and unexpectedly high acidity. Besides, I expected to see sediments as well, but I thought carefull pouring to glass would be sufficient (it was indeed sufficient). So, I let the wine rest in our glasses since I was too lazy to use a dekanter. After 20-30 minutes of rest, the wine became creamy and delicious.
With aromas of red & black fruits and spices, it is a wine that leaves a rich and permanent flavor on the palate. It appeared to me that the usually too intense fruity aromas of Shiraz are a little settled and got calmer. I do not know whether it is the impact of Petit Verdot’s touch. It’s taste reminds me the taste that I encountered before when I tasted relatively older wines. It is a calm and round taste with distictive flavors rather rasped.

(For those who wants to get a price idea, I can say it is around 45 TL. I don’t remember how much I paid since it was quite a while ago.)

Wine Stopper

Wine Stopper

I bought this wine stopper a few weeks ago, but I just had a chance to use it. The wine bottles are too big for me. Since I usually drink only 1 or 2 glasses of wine, I can not consume the whole bottle even if I’m not alone. It makes me sad if I have to pour it out after a few days since it becomes impossible to drink.

It’s not a good solution to put the cork back to its place, since it is difficult to put it back once it is out. If you turn inside out, it may give the wine its smell of cork and besides, small pieces of cork may fall into the wine. I did these by now and each time the wine’s taste was worsened and aromas were gone.

I bought this simple stopper from Sensus in Galata at 10 TL (if I remember it correctly). Once you put it at the top of the bottle, you turn the metal part downward and the rubber part inside the bottle gets thicker so that no air can come in or out.

I drank Turasan Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Shiraz 2008 from a bottle which I closed with this stopper. I tasted it for three times, once for each evening after I opened it. Although it got a little lighter in the third evening, the strong blackberry and black pepper aromas were still there. I wrote my tasting notes about Turasan Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Shiraz 2008 before (when I tasted it for the first time). I can say once more that it is a very delicious wine with its strong but not disturbing tannins and its moderate body.

Kayra Terra Shiraz 2007

Terra Shiraz 2007

I continue with wines made of Shiraz. I think Terra Shiraz 2007 is the one I liked most among the wines of Shiraz that I have ever tasted. I’m not sure if it was due to the nice atmosphere or the nice conversation we were having, but I’m sure the wine itself has contributed to this. It is a wine of Kayra’s brand Terra produced in Elazig.

I think I am close to understanding what is meant with saying that a wine is “round”. Terra Shiraz 2007 was a round and bodied wine, based on my notes. It has fume-oak and fruit aromas on the nose. I looked around the web and noticed that nobody ever mentioned about fume or oak in this wine. I would appreciate if someone could provide their own comments about the aroma of this wine and let me know if they smelled fume or oak 🙂 I would but this wine again without even thinking about it.