Bozcaada and Wine

A short while ago, we had a nice, relaxing vacation in Bozcaada. We stayed closed to the centre, in Mitos Otel. The hotel is really as clean and beautiful as it seems in the pictures. They also have a great (Turkish) breakfast which you can’t see on the pictures. I believe that one of the things that made our vacation great was this breakfast. Another nice thing about the hotel is that the people working there were kind and friendly. Besides, the hotel is one or two street away from the centre of the island and therefore it was quite around the hotel at night so that we could sleep confortably.


At the time when we first saw the silent beaches of the island and swam in the cool (very very cool) sea of the island, I was sure that we chosed the wright place for a swim and relax vacation. It was beyond my expectations that we could have a nice wine almost anywhere we had dinner. I want to mention especially the home made wine that was served in a plastic bottle when we had an wonderful dinner (lamp tandoori) in Karadut Bağ Evleri. I will remember this place with its wooden tables, delicious food, nice personnel and its wonderful view of endless vineries and all green lands.

Another nice memory from this vacation in Bozcaada was the wines we bought from Corvus wine store next to their production facilities. A tasted Bozcaada wines before. I remember one of them (Aegea) with its light taste and easyness to drink, and the other one (Rarum) with is too sharp taste. The girl from Corvus told me that the taste that was too sharp for me was the taste from Karalahna grapes and that it was a full and popular taste. I had mentioned that I didn’t like it not very politely though 🙂 I realized my rudeness immediately and tried to soften the air with smiles. Since I was at the very new in wine tasting and in getting used to their tastes, I listeded every word of her carefully and choosed a few wines as a gift and also a few for us.

Corvus Aegea Kuntra 2007

One of the wines that I chosed for us was Aegea, which I tasted once before. A few days after we returned back from our vacation we drank it along with our dinner. It was a red wine that was relatively easy to drink but it still had a strong taste. It was produced in 2007 and bottled in 2010. Even I could smell fruity aromas. Each sip of it brought me back to Bozcaada 🙂 I would buy it again. In fact, I believe I could visit Corvus whenever I visit Bozcaada and taste their wine again and again.

I apologize for the quality of the photos I use. I hope I will get better in photo making as the blog grows.ilerleyeceğimi düşünüyorum.