Sensi Cupido Toscana Sangiovese 2006

The subject of today’s post is probably the first Italian wine that I have ever bought. I bought it since my husband wanted to buy an Italian wine.
I know that Italy is number one in wine production in the world. However, whenever I read something about Italian wines, the emphasis is on their lively acidity, which reminds me white and rose wines. Since I like red wines with less acidity, I have always approached Italian wines with a little prejudice before. I admit that this was surely a mistake.
So, I want to write about this wine which I tried giving up any foolissh prejudices. This wine is made of Sangiovese, which is a significant grape type in Italy and contributes many kinds of red blends produced in Italy. It is stated on the producer’s website that this particular wine is made of 100% Sangiovese, which is interesting to me since most of varietal wines include a small portion of a second type of grape. 
I guess the length of the wine’s name has attracked your attention, too. Sensi is the name of the producer firm. Sangiovese is the grape and Toscana is one of the most important wine growing areas in Italy. Cupido is a reference to the Cupid, God of Love. 2006 means that the wine is made of the grapes harvested in 2006.
I noticed the pale and transparent tily red color of the wine when I poured it into the glass. I tasted it immediately of course as usual. I think this wine did not need much decantation.
Cupido Toscana Sangiovese 2006 was a really nice wine with a medium body, a little spicy and fruity aromas, less acidity than I expected and more tannins than I expected. Vanilla and tobacco are mentioned on the label of the bottle, but unfortunately I couldn’t notice them.