Doluca Verano Blush (2010)

Doluca Verano Blush (2010)

I came across this wine surprisingly when I was looking for a wine that I could drink together with aperatives in a fish restaurant (cause I can never come to the main meal and usually finish eating before the fish comes to the table). I didn’t even know that this wine existed because as you would remember, I started to be interested in rose wines only a few posts ago.

Verano Blush is a rose colored, refreshing, and red fruity wine made of Grenache grapes grown in Doluca’s vineyars in Saroz (Turkey). It is delicious and very easy to drink. Don’t limit yourself with aperatives as I did! Drink it with whatever you like, as red wines are still not enough refreshing in these still warm days of September.

Ardesia Blush Pinot Grigio

Ardesia Blush Pinot Grigio

I regret that I have not tried a rose wine in this summer while I kept complaining that I can’t drink red wine when the weather is so hot. In these last days of summer, I ordered Ardesia Blush Pinot Grigio only because a friend of mine asked me to do so. It was a nice surprise for me because I liked it very mush.

This is a rose wine with a color of salmon. It is made of 85% Pinot Grigio and 15% Chardonnay. It is very light and refreshing, and it also has a relatively low acidity, which is a good point for me. I drank it along with macaroni with a tomato & basil souce and I think they made a nice pair.

Please don’t do what I did throughout this summer. Give a chance to rose wines and if you have a chance to drink Ardesia Blush Pinot Grigio, give it a chance, too!