A few wines from Germany

Riesling Sp├Ątlese 2014 Trocken
Weinhaus Anheuser Kreuznacher Paradis

Taylan came from Frankfurt, and Ece came from Antalya. She was so badly ill, that she wore two pullovers of mine on top of her long sleves – we are in the middle of summer & it’s 30 degrees out there! But still, we weren’t going to let them go back without trying the wines that Taylan had brought from Germany ­čÖé

Taylan told us that Riesling Sp├Ątlese should be a sweet wine (the salesman told him so), but it turned out that I was right. Continue reading

A Movie Full of Wine: Sideways


For the last two days, I wass pretty dazed because of a little fever and cold that caught me. So, I could not taste any wines, but I watched a nice movie with wine to tell you.

I left work earky yesterday since I wanted to go home and sleep. When I arrived home I realized that a new neighbour was moving and the voices of hammer and borer would not end. I did not try to sleep. Instead, I tried to watch tv, which I never do. After five minutes of trying, I gave up trying to find something to watch and decided to watch a movie that I first watched years ago: Sideways.

I’ll try to summarize the move: It is the story of two men, one of them looking for women, the other for wine and silence only. They make a trip to somewhere in California for a few days and we watch their adventures in that trip. There is a lot of wine conversation, vineries and nice scenery to see in the movie. I should tell that there is a special focus on Pinot Noir, as if there are not any other grapesgrown in that area! (aren’t there?)

When I first saw this movie years ago, I didn’t know what wine is. This time, I knew about wine, but I was ill, so it did not carefully paid attention to details, but only the view of the scenery was enough reason to watch it till the end.

If there are really so many vineries in California, where you can call by and taste so many wines, I will definately go there one day!

p.s. For those who are curious, I feel better today.

Terra de France – Pinot Noir 2008 – Again

This wine is actually the same wine as the wine here. However, my impressions of the two different bottles of the same wine are very different. When I first tasted Terra de France Pinot Noir 2008, I loved and admired it. The second taste, however, was a real dissappointment for me.
If I did not open the bottle myself, I would doubt whether it was a Pinot Noir or even a wine of Terra. I don’t remember when and where I bought the wine, so, I’m not sure whether it is the environmental conditions in which the wine was maintained, or it is my mood, that caused the bad impression.┬á
It was probably the latter. When I first drank this wine, we were at dinner our with my husband and with a friend. The wine was very nice and I guess the ambiance contributed to it. When I drank it for the second time, I had a very busy and tiring day behind and I did not really feel like drinking wine.
I took my lessons. First, pay attention where you buy the wine and how you keep it! Second, don’t waste beautiful wines when you are too busy or exhausted! Third, considering that the wine is an alive thing, don’t be rude and better don’t touch it if you are too tired┬áto pay attention to it!┬á
So, these are what I’ve learned today. I wanted to share it with you. If you are interested in tasting notes about Terra Pinot Noir, you can find it here.

Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir California 2008

I had a last chance to order online from onlinemahzen.com just before they had to end online ordering. My order included two bottles of Cycles Gladiator. I did not heard this name before and I could not get much information when I googled it. I still ordered them because of curiosity again.

One of these two bottles was a Pinot Noir, which I tasted (from another producer) and admired a few weeks ago for the first time. Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir California 2008. Remember when I told you about the Bulgarian wine that we drank with our friens and that I also told you that it was not enough for us and we opened another wine too. This one was that other wine. If you could not remember it, you may see it here.

Cycles Gladiator is the name of the wines of a producer in California. Their wines attract attention easily due to their interesting label design. This design, which I understand also gives the wines their names, is based on an artists work dated 1895 from Paris. It has a story starting from bicycle reaching to freedom and happines. You may read it here.

Coming back to our story, I really expected a wine like fairy tale from this bottle. This expectation actually only relied on Pinot Noir. I did not have any idea about the producer as I mentioned. However, I did not really found a wine like a fairy tale. Perhaps we may call this one as short story ­čÖé

It is a medium-full bodied, softly tannic wine, which has aroma of strawberry jam. I don’t want you mislead you, I don’t mean that it is a strawberry wine. It is a California wine made of lovely Pinot Noir grapes with strawberry jam aroma. It has so sweet aromas that one feels like drinking a sweet wine and it leaves strawberry jam like taste on the palate.

Honestly, I believe I can drink better wines at 35 TL (around $22). So, I do not consider buying this wine again for now.

I wish that one day, I will have tasted so many Pinot Noir’s that I can write about Pinor Noir of France vs California.

Kutman ├ľzel Kav Papazkaras─▒ 1994

Kutman ├ľzel Kav Papazkaras─▒ 1994

I mentioned this wine previously┬áhere┬áwith admiration, when I was very inexperienced in wine tasting. ┬áI tasted it once more, recently. This time, before I wrote this posted, I looked at Kutman’s┬áwebsite┬áand I was literally enlightened with what I saw there.

This wine is made of a grape called Papazkarası, which is described there as Turkish version of Pinot Noir. I understand from this that there is a serious similarity between these two grapes either in terms of genetic or at least in terms of taste. You may read this to understand how important is Pinot Noir for me.

When it comes to tasting notes, I have to admit that I believe the wine glass has a big impact on the taste of the wine and the sense on the palate. As I had to drink the wine from a tiny glass, I could not smell anything and could not enjoy the aromas in it. I guess I drink wine not only with my mouth, but also with my nose.

Despite the improper circumstances, I could not even notice how fast the first glass of this silky wine was gone. I noticed that I did not sense any fruity or flawory aromas in this wine. This may be due to the small glass, but anyway it is not a negative thing for me. It is a delicious and balanced (neither acidity nor tannins are too much) wine at the end.

My sole negative thought was that this wine had a stronger and more intense taste when I tasted it almost a year ago. Considering how new was wine drinking to me then, this thought does not deserve much attention.

I did not buy this wine, but I know it is possible to order it online following the above link. I had to chance to drink it as a friend of mine brought it to us. Thanks for her kindness for the second time ­čÖé