Ardesia Blush Pinot Grigio

Ardesia Blush Pinot Grigio

I regret that I have not tried a rose wine in this summer while I kept complaining that I can’t drink red wine when the weather is so hot. In these last days of summer, I ordered Ardesia Blush Pinot Grigio only because a friend of mine asked me to do so. It was a nice surprise for me because I liked it very mush.

This is a rose wine with a color of salmon. It is made of 85% Pinot Grigio and 15% Chardonnay. It is very light and refreshing, and it also has a relatively low acidity, which is a good point for me. I drank it along with macaroni with a tomato & basil souce and I think they made a nice pair.

Please don’t do what I did throughout this summer. Give a chance to rose wines and if you have a chance to drink Ardesia Blush Pinot Grigio, give it a chance, too!