Terra de France, Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Terra de France, Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon

Last week, we chosed Cafe Zanzibar for a dinner with our friends. We arrived earlier than anyone and there was still time until dinner. So, we ordered wine and cheese while we were waiting.

The wine was Terra de France, Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon 2006. I may have mentioned before, but there is no harm in writing again: Terra de France wines of Kayra are produced in France from grapes of France and imported by Kayra.

I liked the wine very much, and the cheese plate as well. Unfortunately, I did not think of making a photo of the cheese plate. So, you will need to settle for whatever you can see in the above picture. There was blue cheese, a cheese with grass and spices, white cheese (I believe it was made of sheep milk), old yellow cheese (eski ka┼čar) and I think another cheese which I could not exactly remember.

Coming back to the wine, it would not be very convincing if I say I did not like it after I drank most of it by myself ­čÖé It was a very nice, medum-full bodied, dark red wine with marked tannin, black papper on the noise and red fruits and fume oak on the palate. It had a nice, long lasting ending.

The cheese plate and 2-3 glasses of wine were pretty much a dinner for me, but I couldn’t hold my self and grasped a slice of my husband’s pizza as well ­čÖé It wasn’t bad at all, but since it is not my field, I won’t get into details of it.

Idol Smyrna Merlot 2009

Idol Smyrna Merlot 2009

A few days ago, I felt like drinking red wine and I was very surprized when I saw that we have only one bottle of red wine left. I guess we did not notive that we have been gradually consuming more and more wine ­čÖé┬á

Actually, there was a bottle of Corvus waiting for its turn (we should better drink it before the weather gets to warm in summar) and another bottle of sour cherry wine, but they don’t count. The last bottle left was Idol Smyrna Merlot 2009, not a choice, just by chance.┬á
It is a fruity wine with cherry red color, full body and nice tannin. Miraculously, I sensed a little grassy aroma and also smelled coffee. I’m not sure whether I really felt this or I just concived myself that I felt it, since I have leaned myself on thinking “would I ever manage to write tasting notes mentioning off-the-wall aromas”
I think the wine has a nice, strong taste. We could not finish the bottle that night and put it into the refrigrator. The other night, I wanted to drink wine again and since I did not have the patiance to wait until it gets a little warmer, I tasted it while it was still very cold. It was a disaster. I understand now why producers always put a statement on the bottle indicating the best temparature for serving. Then I waited well behaved until it got warmer.

Chateau La Croix De Queynac (2004)

Chateau La Croix De Queynac (2004)

I guess French people know this business. I’m sorry, I did not want to say that “the west” did it better, but they did it really better this time. So, I have to admit it.

You may remember that I had previously tasted French wines classified as Grand Cru and I treated them respectfully. This time, I will talk about another French wine, not Grand Cru, and costs around 22 TL (ÔéČ10) in Turkey: Chateau La Croix De Queynac (2004).
It is produced of usual Bordeaux grapes, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabarnet Franc. 2004 yield in Bordeaux is not especially good, as far as I know. I can’t stop thinking what would a 2005 yield taste like, considering that I liked this one so much. ┬á
It has a pale burgundy color, which has lost its intensity and shine as a result of aging. In order to show what I mean with this, I took a picture of the tissue with a drop of the wine. 
We had to be carefull while pouring the wine into glasses due to the sediments in the bottle. I believe the wine achieved its top after 10-15 minues resting in the glass. It is a wine fruity and spicy aromas, full body, and a little tannin which do not disturb at all but add characteristic to the wine. It has a calmness of an aged round wine. I found it very well from the perspective of price / benefit. I could buy it again without hesitation. 

Wine in Pavyon*

A few days after I talked about how a good wine serving should be (or should not be), I encountered once more with a wine glass that was filled up to the top. Do they try to train me or what?

Once more, I drank my wine silently, smelling almost no flavor at all. Since the place was in the form of pavyon (yes, I went to pavyon! Actually, I was brought to, but I really had fun. I guess the range of ambiances to which one can accomodate widens as one gets older.) my expectation was to pretend as if I am drinking the cheap wine served there. Once I had the first sip, it appeared to me that the situation is much better than I had expected. After a while, the wine bottle was left on our table and we had the chance to see what we were drinking.

Leona Merlot-Kalecik Karas─▒ 2008

We were drinking Kayra Leona Merlot – Kalecik Karas─▒, which is moderately priced blend of Kalecik Karas─▒, one of the most popular local grape varieties, and Merlot, a universally known and popular grape variety. If I can not stick my nose down in the glass, if I can not concentrate in anything but the loud live music, then this would be a good choice. It is easy to drink, has soft tannin and fruity taste, was enough to let us enjoy that night.

*Pavyon is the name we use in Turkey for a specific kind of night club. It is an old, traditional kind of night club, which is conceived as low quality/cheap, since it serves cheap drinks and the live music is mostly performed by unpopular local musicians. The one mentioned in this post is a modern and fancy version which aims (as far as I understand) to regenerate the spirit of payvon in a more decent and high quality environment.

Wine from Chile: Frontera

Frontera Merlot

┬áI had the chance of tasting two different Chilean wine from the same producer within a week. The first one was Frontera Merlot and the second one was Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon. I can’t tell you the year of harvest or production since I forgot to take notes. If these were Turkish producers’ wines, the year of harvest would be written in the front side of the bottle, but this is not the case as you may see on the photos.

Frontera Cabarnet Sauvignon

I chose Frontera Merlot from the wine menu when we had a dinner out. It did not dissappoint us. We were so badly starving that anything to eat or drink could delight us. The wine had fruity, sweet aromas which made it nice and easy to drink.

On the other hand, Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon was a choice by a friend of mine on another day. Since I tasted a very soft wine just before it, I expected that this one would be a little to strong for me. I did not come out so. It was almost as round as Merlot I guess. I am guessing because I did not taste it very carefully.

Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon

I drank both wines gladly, but let me say that I don’t think it’s necessary to import wine from Chile to Turkey in order to have a wine with this quality. I am certainly glad that I have the chance to taste different wines from different regions. I may continue to taste and enjoy Chilean wines in the future. However, I just don’t want to make an impression letting you think that these two wines are better than Turkish wines in the same price range.