Camlıbag Cabernet Sauvignon – Kuntra 2009

Çamlıbağ Cabernet Sauvignon – Kuntra 2009

Camlibag is one of the well known winemakers in Bozcaada. I didn’t try their wines when I was Bozcaada but I had the chance of tasting this one thanks to onlinemahzen’s store in Atasehir.

I know Cabernet Sauvignon has a strong taste but I thing this wine is mostly shaped by Kuntra, as in the case of most Bozcaada wines. I have tasted 3-5 Bozcaada wines in the past year and their common characteristic was that their taste was a little too sharp and bitter.

To be honest, I’ll remember this wine’s too sharp and alcoholic and fruity smell. It stayed 3 days in hour refrigerator and I tasted it each day. I liked it best on the third day. Its aromas were milder and taste was softer, but it still had a full and tannic taste.

In short, this wine has not become one of my favorites, but just because of curiosity and also because I like Bozcaada, I’ll continue to taste Bozcaada wines and also Camlibag wines with the hope of discovering something new one day.