Kocabag Kalecik Karasi (2008)

Wine like a candy! Seriously, this wine has so sweet aromas I doubted that it was a dry wine. When you smell this wine, you fell like smelling a desert with strawberries and cherries. I also smelled a little fume, which was a nice thing balancing the sweetness.

Kocabag is a winemaker in Kapadokya, the home of Kalecik Karasi. This wine is a soft, thin bodied, typical Kalecik Karasi wine with almost no tannins at all. If you like fruity and easy to drink wines, you make like this wine.

Turasan Seneler Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Syrah (again)

Turasan Seneler Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Syrah 2008

I told you about this wine before. It is definately a wine that is worth to try. I didn’t like it this time as much as I did previously though. May be this is because my expectation was too high.

This is a lively wine with very intense red fruity and spicy aromas, full body, and marked tannin. I think it needs to be aired for a very long time. I was not so patient and this is probably a reason for why I didn’t like it this time as much as I did in my first try.

Kocabag Emir

Emir is a local grape growed in Kapadokya. It is a white grape with intense flavor. Kocabag, on the other hand, is a wine producer located in Kapadokya. 

I didn’t have any idea about Kocabag when I saw the wine on the shelf for the first time. It was the name of Emir, which caught may attention. I also found the bottle and the label very beautiful. ┬á

I guess as the sun shows itself more and more in these days, I started to incline towards more refreshing wines. I chosed Kocabag Emir with this expectation and it proved to be a good choise. I did not pay attention to its age, but I noticed later that it was produced in 2005 and bottled in 2008. It has a light yellow, golden color and a very intense flavor. Its acidity is not very high, which is ideal for me.

I ate chickpeas cooked with veal and macaroni with cheese alongside this local wine. All these being local, it sound like a national anthem but I did not mean it. I just thought that there was not need to Italian macaroni just because there is wine to drink. It was just fine with Turkish foods I mentioned..