Kocabag Kalecik Karasi (2008)

Wine like a candy! Seriously, this wine has so sweet aromas I doubted that it was a dry wine. When you smell this wine, you fell like smelling a desert with strawberries and cherries. I also smelled a little fume, which was a nice thing balancing the sweetness.

Kocabag is a winemaker in Kapadokya, the home of Kalecik Karasi. This wine is a soft, thin bodied, typical Kalecik Karasi wine with almost no tannins at all. If you like fruity and easy to drink wines, you make like this wine.

Wine in Pavyon*

A few days after I talked about how a good wine serving should be (or should not be), I encountered once more with a wine glass that was filled up to the top. Do they try to train me or what?

Once more, I drank my wine silently, smelling almost no flavor at all. Since the place was in the form of pavyon (yes, I went to pavyon! Actually, I was brought to, but I really had fun. I guess the range of ambiances to which one can accomodate widens as one gets older.) my expectation was to pretend as if I am drinking the cheap wine served there. Once I had the first sip, it appeared to me that the situation is much better than I had expected. After a while, the wine bottle was left on our table and we had the chance to see what we were drinking.

Leona Merlot-Kalecik Karası 2008

We were drinking Kayra Leona Merlot – Kalecik Karası, which is moderately priced blend of Kalecik Karası, one of the most popular local grape varieties, and Merlot, a universally known and popular grape variety. If I can not stick my nose down in the glass, if I can not concentrate in anything but the loud live music, then this would be a good choice. It is easy to drink, has soft tannin and fruity taste, was enough to let us enjoy that night.

*Pavyon is the name we use in Turkey for a specific kind of night club. It is an old, traditional kind of night club, which is conceived as low quality/cheap, since it serves cheap drinks and the live music is mostly performed by unpopular local musicians. The one mentioned in this post is a modern and fancy version which aims (as far as I understand) to regenerate the spirit of payvon in a more decent and high quality environment.

Kavaklıdere Kalecik Karası Syrah 2009

Kavaklıdere, Kalecik Karası Syrah 2009

We opened this bottle of Kavaklıdere Kalecik Karası Syrah 2009 to add joy to an ordinary dinner at home. It has a lively burgundy color, red fruity (cheery mostly) and spicy aromeas, soft tannins and moderate acidity. These all make it a light and almost sweet tasting wine. It does not stay long on the palate, but this does not prevent it from having a lovely ending. This was a good choice for our end.

Kavaklıdere Ancyra Kalecik Karası 2009

Kavaklıdere Ancyra Kalecik Karası 2009

13-14 yaşlarındayken, bir yılbaşını benden yaşça büyük olan evli ve çocuklu kuzenlerimin evinde kalabalık bir grupla geçirmiştim. Hatırladığım kadarıyla ömrümde ilk kez orada kırmızı şarap içmiştim. Kuzenim çok güzel ve zor bulunan bir kırmızı şarabı olduğunu, bize (daha genç ve çaylak olan kuzenlerine) bu şarabı tattırmak istediğini söylemişti. Şarabın ne olduğuna dair aklımda bir tek üzümü kalmış, Kalecik Karası. O zamanlar (90ların ortaları oluyor) sanırım Kavaklıdere’nin Kalecik Karası şarabı oldukça popülerdi.

Geçenlerde sağ olsun bir arkadaş bize Kavaklıdere Kalecik Karası 2009 getirmişti, ancak o gün halihazırda sırada bekleyen başka şişeler olduğundan açmaya fırsat olmamıştı. Daha sonraki günlerde fırsat yarattık ve 2009 yılının Kalecik Karası’nın tatmış olduk. Işığı geçiren, çok yoğun olmayan bir kırmızı rengi olan,  orta-az gövdeli, dengeli, kırmızı meyve aromalarıyla yumuşak içimli bir şarap. Bu denli kolay içimli ve pek tanen hissettirmeyen bir şarabın zamanında çok popüler olması gayet anlaşılabilir bir durum diye düşünüyorum.

Tasting Notes from Wine Tasting in 5 Steps

We tasted 6 wines in the recent seminar that mentioned a short while ago. I could manage to taking notes, but unforunately could not take any pictures for you.

While I will be writing my tasting notes, I will also try to tell you what I’ve learned about whine tasting for those who are curious.My notes are generally based to the common comments of the group, but I didn’t include the comments which I don’t agree 🙂

When Cüneyt Uygur (Manager of Kayra Wine Center) mentioned “bodied”, I asked him what this meant. I felt like a hero because I was sure everyone was wondering waht it meant 🙂 He explained it carefully by using many adjectives. I can summarize it as the intensity and the weight of the wine in the mouth.

In addition, I also learned how is acidity felt, how is it felt when a wine has lots of tannins, and other things that I don’t remember now.

We tasted one sparkling wine, one roze, two while and two red wines.

1. Cameo D’oro
Before we tasted this sparkling wine of Kayra, we also learned how we should open a sparkling wine bottle. This was the best part for me 🙂 because I am not really interested in tasting sparkling wine since I don’t like high acitity or sparkles. My notes say that it was a wine with medium body, high acidity, fruity, lemon and yeast aromas on the nose.

2. Terra de France, Sauvignon Blanc 2008
This wine has a darker color compared to the sparkling wine, but it has still a light yellow color. It has a high acidity and fruity aromas. When I tasted this, two sides of my tounge burned from acidity and I though I could not ever like a white wine. This negative thoughts only lasted until I tasted the following white wine. It was clear to me that it was not only about color, there are huge differences among the white wines.

3.Terra California Chardonnay 2006
I was the first one who commented that the acidity of this wine is much lower than the previous two 🙂 I think this was how a white wine should taste like. How could I drink those whites with burning acidity? It is still not my favorite, because the fruity and spicy aromas of the wine were so sweat that I would think if it could be a semi sweet wine. I smelled fume and oaky aromas for the first time from this wine.

4.Terra Kalecik Karasi Roze 2009
This was the second time that I had ever tasted a roze wine. The first one was in Bozcaada, in Corvus’s store. I don’t know which wine it was, but it had an orange or salmon like color. Terra Kalecik Karasi Roze, on the other hand, had a lively pink color. It was a medium bodied, highly acidic wine with a little tannins, fruity and flowery aromas.For me, it is a wine that can be tried only if necessary in social events.

5. Kayra Vintage Merlot 2008
I was happy that I could eventually taste a red wine, but high acidiy disappointed me a little. I still think that it can be a very nice wine after a little dekantation. It has a dark burgundy color, a medium body, moderate tannins, fruity, spicy and oaky aromas.

6.Buzbag Rezerv  2006 
We just listened to the reasons of why Okuzgozu and Bogazkere blends make good blends and therefore I was really curious about this wine. This was clearly the peak of the tasting that day. My curiousity left its seat to joy! I am grateful whoever thought first about blending these two grapes. The wine has a dark red but rather transparent color. It has medium body, moderate acidity, a lot of tannins, fruity and spicy aromas.