Distilled Wine


I have always been interested in beverage bottles, both in their design and their content. I can’t take my eyes off any bars or any shelfs full of bottles. It happened again so when I saw the shelfs in the house where we were gathered for dinner. While I was viewing the bottles, I noticed an opened bottle of cognac and I remembered that I have not ever tasted cognac.
Relying on the sincerity of the householder I immediately decided to taste this one ­čÖé and grabbed the bottle named as Martell. When I asked how I should drink this thing, they gave me very nice glasses and a box of chocolate. I poured a little of the amber colored drink into the glass and I tasted it.┬á
It is not easy to describe the taste of cognac. Even though it is produced through distilling wine, I think it doesn’t taste even close to wine at all. It has a much stronger taste, probably because of 40% rate of alcohol. It makes the palate burn a little and leaves a mildly sour taste in the mouth. I believe it is rather drinkable with small sips instead of big ones as you would when you drink wine. I really makes a good pair with chocolate. I tried to pair it with almonds and hazelnut but it did not go well.┬á
After a while, another cognac bottle with the name Goeau appeared on the table. They said this one was better. I admit that I did not notice a big difference, may be this one was just a little easier to drink. I enjoyed both of them, so thanks again for offering cognac at that night (actually I made you offer it, but anyway).