Coto de Hayas, Tempranillo & Cabernet, 2006

We had a family visit on the weekend. Actually, my husband participated in a congress in Antalya and I went with him and visited his family.
In his family, everyone prefers Turkish Raki as a drink for dinner. The husband of my husband’s sister had bought me two bottles of nice wines, one white and one red. I will try the white one next time. I forgot to warn him though, the wine would not stand the heat in Antalya in the coming summer. I wish he reads my blog and keeps the wine somewhere cool.
This was the first time I tasted a wine of Tempranillo, which is a grape from Spain. It was blended with Cabernet though. When I googled the name of the wine, I found a website at publishing tasting notes. According to a tasting note on this website (with no name or signature), this wine won a gold medal in an international competition in 2008. I don’t have any idea about the quality or importance of the competition. If anyone knows, comments are welcome!
Unfortunately, I drank this wine on a day when I could barely smell anything since I cathced cold. Proving the age of the wine (2006), the color was a pale red. Although I got cold, I could still say that it was a wine with fruity and spicy aroma and medium-full body. I would definitely try it again if I have the chance, at least to see if I would like it so much again with a healty nose!