Chateau Villemaurine (2006)

A French wine again. I am totally confused about French wine classification. Whenever I read about French wine classification, I learn something new that undermines my previous knowledge about it. 
On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that I can never age wine, as I can never wait until my meal on the palate becomes warm and I try to eat while it is still hot. If I buy wine, I want to drink it immediately. 
Whichever classification this wine belongs, it is a grand cru, so it is extremely prestigious. Contrary to what most reasonable people would do, I did not keep this wine for a special ocasion. Instead, I suddenly decided to open it in a regular night at home. 

I cooled it in a rush, prepared this small palate for myself and this itself was a special ocasion for me. I was ready to drink the wine. I was curious about the grapes of which the wine was made, but I could not see this information on the bottle. So, I asked google. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. 
The wine stayed in my glass for hours, but I still thought it needed airation. May be it was too early to open the bottle. Still, it has a beautiful taste, intense, fruity and full of strong tannins. I admired French winemakers once more, and I wished that I would admire Turkish winemakers as often as I admire French ones.

Corvus Blend No3 2006

Corvus Blend No3 2006

We had a dreamlike vacation in Bozcaada in the summer of 2010. I mentioned this vacation in one of the first posts of this blog as one of my steps going into the wine world. At the end of the vacation, we brough a few bottles of Corvus wines to home. The last one of those wine bottles was Corvus Blend No3 2006.
We bought this wine from Corvus’s wine store, where they also have their production facilities, if I’m not wrong. I remember it was around $ 45. I knew nothing about wines and wine prices then, so, I thought that it was so expensive that we should expect a miracle from within the bottle 🙂
The person helping us to choose said that the best time to drink this wine would be 2011. We obeyed her and waited until 2011. Since we still don’t have a wine fridge, we kept the bottle in a dark and relatively cool corner in our living room.
Corvus Blend No3 2006 is made of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Malbec, Karalahna, Okuzgozu, and Cabernet Franc which all grown in Corvus vineyards in Bozcaada. It has rested in French oak barrels for 24 months, in bottes (I don’t know what botte is. I would appreciate if someone could comment to this post and explain what it is.) for 2 months and in the bottle for 6 months. The bottle is very elegant and there is a legend written on the lable. 
Corvus Blend No3 2006
Corvus produces a Blend from the best grapes of the year and gives a number to each Blend. I have to admit that at the time I bought this wine, when I didn’t know anything about wine or about Corvus, I read the list of the grapes on the lable and I thought “this grapes can’t be good, if they were good, they would produce seperate wines from each of them” 🙂 I still bought the wine since I was curious. Well, it turns out I was wrong.
It is a strong wine with dark burgundy color, raspberry and cherry aromas on the nose, medium body, strong tannins and vivid acidity. I tasted it after it rested about half an hour in a big glass but it was not enough. Then I left home and left the wine in the glass. When I came back 9 hours later, I smelled and tasted it again. I smelled a strong, earthy aroma and the wine’s taste and tannins were almost as strong as they were 9 hours ago. I liked the wine, but I think it still carries characteristics of a ypung wine. I could like it more when it rested maybe for a few months longer  in the bottle.
p.s. The bottle in the photos is in a wine box which includes wine accesorries. The box will be the subject of another post soon…

Chateau La Croix De Queynac (2004)

Chateau La Croix De Queynac (2004)

I guess French people know this business. I’m sorry, I did not want to say that “the west” did it better, but they did it really better this time. So, I have to admit it.

You may remember that I had previously tasted French wines classified as Grand Cru and I treated them respectfully. This time, I will talk about another French wine, not Grand Cru, and costs around 22 TL (€10) in Turkey: Chateau La Croix De Queynac (2004).
It is produced of usual Bordeaux grapes, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabarnet Franc. 2004 yield in Bordeaux is not especially good, as far as I know. I can’t stop thinking what would a 2005 yield taste like, considering that I liked this one so much.  
It has a pale burgundy color, which has lost its intensity and shine as a result of aging. In order to show what I mean with this, I took a picture of the tissue with a drop of the wine. 
We had to be carefull while pouring the wine into glasses due to the sediments in the bottle. I believe the wine achieved its top after 10-15 minues resting in the glass. It is a wine fruity and spicy aromas, full body, and a little tannin which do not disturb at all but add characteristic to the wine. It has a calmness of an aged round wine. I found it very well from the perspective of price / benefit. I could buy it again without hesitation. 

Chateau Prieure-Lichine 2007

Chateau Prieure-Lichine 2007, Margaux

This is the second Grand Cru Classe wine that I’ve ever tasted. I did not buy any of them, the first was offered to me during a dinner that I was invited, and the second was given as a gift when I invited the same person to dinner. Therefore, I do not know where to buy or for how much to buy.

I tried to collect information through googling as usual, but since their website appears to be under construction, I could only rely on information from third persons. Chateau Prieure-Lichine is a producer in Margaux, which is a significant place in wine production in Bordeaux, France. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc is produced in the vineyards of Chateau Prieure-Lichine and used in their wines, as far as I understand.  I understand that the biggest share of the blend belongs to Cabernet Sauvignon. It is followed by Merlot, and then by Cabarnet Franc and Petit Verdot.

I did not have the chance to decant the wine since we were about to start eating for dinner when the wine arrived. I desperately tried to concentrate on the change in the flavors of the wine as long as it stayed in my glass, but I lost my attention eventually.

It is a wine with burgundy color and a little fruity aromas. I believe I have not experienced this much difficulties before in identifying the aromas in a wine. After having tasted this wine, I think I understand what is meant with “minaral flavor”. Without digging further, I can say that the wine goes through one’s throat as soft as velvet, but also stays on the palate with a very nice flavor.

Doluca Signium 2008

Doluca Signium 2008

Bugün size yine Doluca’nın bir projesinden ve bu projenin yeni ürününden söz edeceğim. Doluca’nın her yıl, o yılın en kişilikli, en kaliteli üzümlerini bir araya getirilerek en ilginç, en kişilikli ve keyif verici şarabı üretme niyetiyle ortaya çıkardığı ürünün adı Signium. Her yıl, o yılın üzümlerinin kalitesi ve özellikleri dikkate alınarak o yıla özgü, özel bir şarap üretilmesi öngörülmüş.

Bu projenin ilk ürünü olan Signium 2006 bir Boğazkere-Merlot-Shiraz kupajı iken, ikinci ürünü olan Signium 2007 bir Boğazkere-Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz kupajıymış (bana ara sıra gelen sorular üzerine buraya kısa bir açıklama eklemek istiyorum. Kupaj, birden fazla çeşit üzüm bir arada değişik oranlarda kullanılarak üretilen şaraplara deniyor). Benim bunların ikisini de tatma imkanım olmadı. Projenin en yeni şarabı Signium 2008 ilk kez birkaç gün önce, birkaç gün önce sözünü etmiş olduğum İstanbul Kadeh Kaldırıyor etkinliği kapsamında tüketiciye sunuldu ve ben de ilk kez bu etkinlik kapsamında bu şarabı tatma imkanı buldum.

Signium 2008’i oluşturan üzümler, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc ve Merlot. Şişesini inceleme imkanım olmadığı için hangi bölgelerin bağlarından elde edilen hasatın kullanıldığını bilemiyorum. Doluca’nın online alışveriş sitesine baktım, ancak henüz orda satışı yapılmadığı için detaylı bilgiye ulaşamadım. Benim tadım notlarıma göre meyve aromalarının oldukça belirgin olduğu, güçlü ve gövdeli bir şarap. Bana göre içimi çok kolay değil, biraz fazla güçlü bir tadı var.  Denemeye kesinlikle değer. Zaten böyle özen gösterilen bir şarap olduğunu bilmek de insana merak ettiriyor.