Tasting Notes: DLC Grenache & Vinkara Doruk Bogazkere & Buyulubag Adakarasi

We tasted 3 different wines for the tasting event that I mentioned in my previous post. The first one was not DLC Grenache, but as the photographer preferred to put it in the front line ­čÖé I decided to start with it.
Here are the expected tasting notes: 
DLC Grenache 2009
The color is a dark, violet-like red. Medium body, high acidity, moderate – or even less- tannins. A little sweet, fruity aromas. A little bitternes like the bitternes of red fruits. A little too sharp for me, probably because I don’t like high acidity.

Vinkara Doruk Bogazkere 2007
The color is a light red. Medium-full body, strong tannins, but I actually expected stronger tannin from Bogazkere. High acidity – which I don’t like as I just mentioned. Although I was a little dissappointed when I first tasted it, I changed my mind when I tasted it for the second time after the wine rested almost one hour in the glass and then I enjoyed a second glass of it.
Buyulubag Adakarasi 2007
This one was definitaly my favorite. May be I give a little extra credit to the producers who try to produce something original / authentic ­čÖé┬á
This is a wine with strong, fruity taste and almost a full body. Unfortunately, I did not make any notes on the color, probably because I was trying to respond to my friends’ attacking (!) questions ­čÖé When they attacked me saying” Tell us, what do you smell huh?” I said at first “mmm a little cherry and … other red fruits…” and then, my husband helped me to remember the name of blackberry, which is somehow one of the red fruits in my mindset. When I said “yes, cherry and blackberry” everyone was very surprised, because the names of these two fruits were really written on the bottle as the aromas of the wine. Good for me!

Photos by Mehves Cetinkaya