Book: Everything Wine Book

Everything Wine Book (Turkish version)

There are only a few books about wine written in Turkish. There are many books written in English, but those are rarely translated into Turkish. This one is one of the few Turkish translations about wine. It is written by Barbara Nowak and Beverly Wichman and translated into Turkish by Elif Demir. It starts with basic information about wine and continues with characteristics of wine depending on regions and countries, with history of wine and even with the unexpected incidents such as desaeases or prohibiting which wine business had experienced.

The book contains short explanations each with their titles, so you don’t need to read it like a novel, but you could easily use it as a reference book or could browse it through whenever you wish to read whichever page attracts your attention.

The negative things for me are that the book does not contain any pictures and that its writing style is a little boring. These are not enough reasons to not to buy the book of course. The book can be an alternative for those who look for a book about wine in Turkish language.

Book: Wines of the World

Wines of the World
Honestly, the initial impression of this book on me was not positive when I saw it for the first time. Its shiny outlook, the expression on the cover sayin “your essential handbook”, the fact that the book is written collectively by several writers, these all made me think that this might be a shiny but empty book. I thought that a collectively written book belonged to no one and therefore  none of the writers would assume it as its own book, so none of them would care about it much. I was wrong.
I actually borrowed this book and I was supposed to return it to its owner ages ago. I don’t even remember when I borrowed it. I thought that I would just browse through and then give it back, but then I started to read each line carefully and an endless period has started. In fact, such books are not really my style, because I never recall the names and dates mentioned in the book after I finish it, but I still like reading them.
As the name suggests, the book is about the wines produced throughout the world. While doing it, each country’s wines are described in separate sections. Subregions within countries have their own subsections too. The characteristics of wines and the producers in different regions are mentioned in those sections.
You may recall that the previous books that I mentioned here classified the wines based on the grape types. This book, however, classifies the wines based on the place, which seemed to me as a bad idea at first. After I started to read, I actually liked it. I makes perfect sense when you think that each grape reveals different characteristics in different regions.

The quality of paper and printing is very good and the details and explanations in the book are actually interesting. The book is printed by Dorling Kindersley and you may buy it from bookstores in Turkey as well, in addition to It literally has been my “essential handbook” for a while as written on the cover. May be it becomes yours too.

Book: Grapes & Wines

Grapes & Wines, Oz Clarke & Margeret Rand

Today I’m going to tell you about a book that I like very much. Previously, I mentioned that I bought two books from, but I only wrote about one of them and did not tell you anything about the other one. Now I’m telling you about that other one: Grapes & Wines, Oz Clarke & Margeret Rand.

I saw this book on vinografi and I was curious enough to order a copy for myself. When the book arrived, I was very happy because I thought that I could love the book even only due to the quality of the print and the photos in the book.

Grapes & Wines

After telling the story of the wine and wine making in the first section of the book, the author goes into details of the main subject of the book, which is actually the grapes. Tens (or maybe hundreds) of grapes are listed with their characteristics. Some of the grape varieties are lucky (or significant) enough to get a whole section of a few pages for themselves. These sections provide the details about a certain grape variety such as the importance of that variety in worldwide wine production, or the characteristics of that variety and how they differ from a terroir to another.

After having read the first section of the book, I glanced over the sections on Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonney. I have to admit that I also browsed the index to check if there any Turkish grapes (peculiar to Turkey) mentioned in the book. I remember that I saw a few sentences on Boğazkere.

Grapes & Wines

Even though the authors writing is quite fluent and easy to follow, this is surely not a book that you would read from the beginning till the end as if you read a novel. This is a book that I will happily keep in my bookcase and that I will browse through from time to time maybe to read about a specific grape or maybe just to look at the pictures. It’s been lying on my drawer since I bought it. My interest will probably diminish in time, but I doubt that I may one day forget its existence and leave it untouched in my bookcase.

Book: Essential Winetasting

Essential Winetasting, Michael Schuster

I placed my first order on a few weeks ago. I believe amazon ships only books & dvd’s to Turkey and since shipping costs are relatively high, I did not consider to buy anything from before. This time I bought two books about wine. For those who would like to have an idea, the books costed $ 32,10 and I also paid $ 11,97 for shipping. The books arrived in good order in a carton box, four weeks after I ordered them.

Since I did not have the chance to look into both of them as I wished, I will write about only one of them today. This one is Essential Winetasting, written by Michael Schuster. I don’t find the outside appearance of the book especially attracting, but the name and content of the book was promising especially in the area of tasting rather than wine production. That’s why I bought it. When the book arrived, I saw that the quality of paper and pictures of the book are much better than I expected from the cover’s outlook.

Essential Winetasting, Michael Schuster

In the first sections, the author talks about the details of wine tasting along with pictures and term descriptions. Following sections go into details of different types of grapes and the differences that appear in the characteristics of the same grape in different terroirs. While doing this, the author mentions some of the wines of the mentioned area and of the mentioned grape, and he also makes comparisons between them. I’m currently reading the section about the wines of red grapes. Although it is interesting to me to read about differences between the wines of the same grape arising due to different terroirs, at some point it is impossible for me to follow the names of countless terroirs and wines.

I believe that this is a good book for those who are interested in wine tasting and who want to read something about it. If English is not your native language, it takes a little time until you learn the english terminology of wine tasting at the beginning. Since I like learning the word choices made to describe certain attributes in a foreign language, it is an interesting reading for me.