Kayra, Terra Italia Barbera D’asti 2006

I was going to meet with a friend and with my husband after work. Since I was the one, who was expected to leave work latest and whose office was the farest, the others were waiting for my call to get organized. Following a series of surprising developments, I was surprisingly done with work at 4 p.m. I was as happy as a highschool student whose afternoon classes were cancelled in the last minute.
I organized everyone immediately and we were sitting on a restaurant near to Bagdat Caddesi around 5 p.m. I took a quick glance at the wines in the menu and chose Kayra Italia Barbera D’asti 2006. For those who don’t remember what is special in Terra, I suggest to read here. For those who are surprized that Italian wines are mentioned in this blog, I suggest to read here.

Barbera is the second most widely produced grape in Italy after Sangiovese and the second most significant grape in Piemonte after Nebbiolo. You may see here were Piemonte is. Asti is the name of the area where the grape is grown. There is also Barbera D’alba, produced in Alba, but it is not the subject of this post. Our subject here is Barbera D’asti.
Terra Italia Barbera D’asti 2006 is a fairly nice wine with a relatively light red color, intense fruity aromas and full body. I have previously tasted a few wines of Terra and I liked them all. I liked this one too, but this is not one of the best Terra wines that I’ve tasted. On the other hand, I believe Barbera will climb up in the list of grapes in my mind in time. We’ll see it together.