Chateau de Pibarnon 1998

Chateau de Pibarnon 1998

In our second night in Auberge de Cassagne, we had our second dinner in the hotel’s Michelin star restaurant. I’d like to mention that, when I write “we”, I mean my cousin and myself. My cousin is a person who likes food and wine, in fact, she might be loving food much more than me. So, I’am in expert hands ­čÖé
When she showed to the sommelier of the restaurant three wines from the huge menu, he immediately eliminated one of them saying that the others are much more better appelations. Then we chosed one of the wines of better appelations. 
I have just read a few things about French wine appaleation and I’m going to try to explain it to you. Appelation is a way of classification that creates certain rules for the wines that are subject to the appalation’s control. The rules can limit the grapes to be grown in certain areas, can organize the way of planting vine, or can limit the yield in certain areas. It is constantly controlled whether or not these rules are obeyed in the vineries that are subject to the said appelation.┬áIf a wine is subject to an appelation, there is an expression like “… appelation controle” on the bottle and the wine is differentiated from the rest of the wines without any appelation.┬á
Chateau de Pibarnon 1998 is subject to Bandol appelation, of which I didn’t hear before. The sommelier said that this was a better appelation compared to certain others that we showed to him. Besides, he also said that this wine would have certain flowery aromas (which I don’t remember) including violet.┬á
I couldn’t smell any flowery aromas and decided to stop taking antihistaminic pills for a while. I still think that this was the best wine among the few wines that I mentioned in my most recent posts. I can also say that it has a little thiner body and is easear to drink compared to the wine that was the subject of the previous post. It is also richer than the other wines that I mentioned in my most recent posts which I wrote while I have been travelling in France.┬á

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