Kavaklidere Selection Narince Emir 2008

Kavaklıdere Selection Narince Emir 2008

We have gathered in Radika in Kosuyolu for Baris‘s birthday. Thanks to him for letting us know such a nice place 🙂 As usual, we arrived earlier than anyone else and therefore we chosed the wine. Since it was a hot summer evening, we wanted to drink a cold white wine, so we chosed Selection Narince Emir of Kavaklidere.

Narince and Emir are local grapes of Turkey. Narince is grown around Tokat and Emir is grown around Kapadokya. Narince has noticeable citrus fruit aromas. I couldn’t notice such a distinctive characteristic for Emir yet 🙂 May be its acidity, because it is rather high.

Since we drank Busbag’a Narince-Emir a few days ago, my evaluation for this wine is rather a comparison. Selection Narince Emir is as much aromatic as Buzbag’s Narince Emir, but Selection has a little more acidity compared to the latter. Well, I personally prefer low acidity, but I think this wine was very nice, too.

Considering that we had to order the second bottle of the same wine a short while after everyone popped up, I gues I made a good choice for everyone 🙂

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