Turasan Seneler Okuzgozu Bogazkere 2007

My dinner

Thi picture shows a dinner that I had alone a few days ago. This is a regular dinner when I’m alone. It is easy to prepare, and I love it when I cooked it myself. It also goes wel with wine. I usually drink whatever wine I’d like to drink, without considering whether or not it suits with the food. For me,the wine comes before the food or food & wine match ­čÖé

I had Turasan Seneler Okuzgozu Bogazkere 2007 with this dinner. I actually opened the bottle the day before and I did not like it, again. Previously, I had tasted Turasan Seneler Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Syrah 2008 of the same group (of the wines that are indicated as exclusive on Turasan’s website) and I liked it very much. That’s why I was very surprized and dissappointed this time. I closed the bottle and put it in the fridge to give another chance to it the other day.
The other day, the wine rested in my glas about 30 minutes while I was preparing the dinner on the picture. I thought it was promising. After 15-20 minutes, I smelled and tasted it again. I noticed a little rotten egg. As far as  I know, this should be a sign of defect in a wine. I was surprised that nothing was wrong with the taste. I waited a little more and the smell was still there (or I thought so). I decided not to drink wine that night.
I grabbed my sneakers and took a walk on the seaside. I was too young to accept that a wine bottle can sometimes bring disappointment instead of joy and pleasure ­čÖé

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