Kocabag Emir

Emir is a local grape growed in Kapadokya. It is a white grape with intense flavor. Kocabag, on the other hand, is a wine producer located in Kapadokya. 

I didn’t have any idea about Kocabag when I saw the wine on the shelf for the first time. It was the name of Emir, which caught may attention. I also found the bottle and the label very beautiful.  

I guess as the sun shows itself more and more in these days, I started to incline towards more refreshing wines. I chosed Kocabag Emir with this expectation and it proved to be a good choise. I did not pay attention to its age, but I noticed later that it was produced in 2005 and bottled in 2008. It has a light yellow, golden color and a very intense flavor. Its acidity is not very high, which is ideal for me.

I ate chickpeas cooked with veal and macaroni with cheese alongside this local wine. All these being local, it sound like a national anthem but I did not mean it. I just thought that there was not need to Italian macaroni just because there is wine to drink. It was just fine with Turkish foods I mentioned..

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