Idol Smyrna Merlot 2009

Idol Smyrna Merlot 2009

A few days ago, I felt like drinking red wine and I was very surprized when I saw that we have only one bottle of red wine left. I guess we did not notive that we have been gradually consuming more and more wine 🙂 

Actually, there was a bottle of Corvus waiting for its turn (we should better drink it before the weather gets to warm in summar) and another bottle of sour cherry wine, but they don’t count. The last bottle left was Idol Smyrna Merlot 2009, not a choice, just by chance. 
It is a fruity wine with cherry red color, full body and nice tannin. Miraculously, I sensed a little grassy aroma and also smelled coffee. I’m not sure whether I really felt this or I just concived myself that I felt it, since I have leaned myself on thinking “would I ever manage to write tasting notes mentioning off-the-wall aromas”
I think the wine has a nice, strong taste. We could not finish the bottle that night and put it into the refrigrator. The other night, I wanted to drink wine again and since I did not have the patiance to wait until it gets a little warmer, I tasted it while it was still very cold. It was a disaster. I understand now why producers always put a statement on the bottle indicating the best temparature for serving. Then I waited well behaved until it got warmer.

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