Graffigna Malbec 2008

Graffigna Malbec 2008

This is the first Malbec wine I have ever tasted. I had no idea about Malbec and I just wanted to try one from Argentina.

Graffina Malbec 2008

I was a little dissappointed when I saw that the cork was a synthetic one. Once upon a time, the instructor of a wine tasting seminar told that a synthetic cork should not be considered as a proof for a low quality one. Still, I can’t help mysself thinking that the procuder would pay for a natural cork if he believed that the wine is worth. You may see below the difference between a synthetic (left) and a natural (right) cork.

Syntethic vs Organic Cork

Anyway, I poured the wine into the glass and I liked the nice red-purple color. I smelled intense fruits followed by a little black pepper. Then I tasted and I thought I’d like it better in ten minutes. I prepared the dinner meanwhile, and before I started to eat, I took another sip of the wine. Yes, I liked it. It was a little silky, moderately tannic wine with a moderate body and nice texture.

I bought this wine from onlinemahzen at 29 TL (around $18). By the way, onlinemahzen opened their store in Etiler – Istanbul recently. They can’t sell online anymore, but they don’t throw in the towel. I couldn’t visit the store in Etiler, but I feel like I will visit the store in Atasehir soon.

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