How Wine Serving Shouldn’t Be

A few days ago, I had a dinner with someone that I like very much in a restaurant, which she liked very much and which I was curious about. I was being too optimistic when I thought I could have a meal and a glass of wine there considering that I rarely have dinner after 8pm, especially when I am not hungry. However, I was tasting different combinations of wine & cheese only half an hour ago at Wine & Cheese seminar, even after everyone else had given up trying the wine & cheese combinations and immersed in in conversation. I was really very confortable there. So, I thought there should be something wrong here and I decided to blame the serving of wine in the restaurant.

We both ordered some kind of macaroni and a glass of Frontera Merlot, which was one of the two wines that one can order in glass. While we were waiting with concerns arising from the fact that we ordered wine in glass instead of ordering a bottle, something very surprising form me happened. That nice waiter brought us our wines in glasses that are a little bigger than water glass and that are filled up.  When I say filled up, I mean literrally a full glass of wine. I believe even someone who never drinks wine may have noticed that wine is not served in a fully filled glass. The point in serving the wine in glassess filled up to the half (or even less) is to enable you to smell the wine and to sence the aromas in it. I understood this better when I could not enjoy the wine and prefered water beside my meal. I already had noticed that and had mentioned here that I drink wine with my nose, not with my mouth. This proved my theory to myself.

In short, you do not serve wine in a glass that is filled up to the top. If you do, someone like me can criticise you badly and in fact, that one may be not as polite as me and spread your name everywhere. Since I could not think of warning the waiter in that evening (now I notice I also did not think of taking pictures to show you), I do not want to name the restaurant here. I think complaints about a restaurant should be conveyed to that restaurant first. I may have behaived too nice since the person invited my to there liked the restaurant very much 🙂

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