Kutman Özel Kav Papazkarası 1994

Kutman Özel Kav Papazkarası 1994

I mentioned this wine previously here with admiration, when I was very inexperienced in wine tasting.  I tasted it once more, recently. This time, before I wrote this posted, I looked at Kutman’s website and I was literally enlightened with what I saw there.

This wine is made of a grape called Papazkarası, which is described there as Turkish version of Pinot Noir. I understand from this that there is a serious similarity between these two grapes either in terms of genetic or at least in terms of taste. You may read this to understand how important is Pinot Noir for me.

When it comes to tasting notes, I have to admit that I believe the wine glass has a big impact on the taste of the wine and the sense on the palate. As I had to drink the wine from a tiny glass, I could not smell anything and could not enjoy the aromas in it. I guess I drink wine not only with my mouth, but also with my nose.

Despite the improper circumstances, I could not even notice how fast the first glass of this silky wine was gone. I noticed that I did not sense any fruity or flawory aromas in this wine. This may be due to the small glass, but anyway it is not a negative thing for me. It is a delicious and balanced (neither acidity nor tannins are too much) wine at the end.

My sole negative thought was that this wine had a stronger and more intense taste when I tasted it almost a year ago. Considering how new was wine drinking to me then, this thought does not deserve much attention.

I did not buy this wine, but I know it is possible to order it online following the above link. I had to chance to drink it as a friend of mine brought it to us. Thanks for her kindness for the second time 🙂

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