Kayra Terra Shiraz 2007

Terra Shiraz 2007

I continue with wines made of Shiraz. I think Terra Shiraz 2007 is the one I liked most among the wines of Shiraz that I have ever tasted. I’m not sure if it was due to the nice atmosphere or the nice conversation we were having, but I’m sure the wine itself has contributed to this. It is a wine of Kayra’s brand Terra produced in Elazig.

I think I am close to understanding what is meant with saying that a wine is “round”. Terra Shiraz 2007 was a round and bodied wine, based on my notes. It has fume-oak and fruit aromas on the nose. I looked around the web and noticed that nobody ever mentioned about fume or oak in this wine. I would appreciate if someone could provide their own comments about the aroma of this wine and let me know if they smelled fume or oak 🙂 I would but this wine again without even thinking about it.

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